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KHE bikes introduced the lightest complete park bike called “KHE Specter PRO” with an incredible weight of only 8.35 kg (without pegs). This innovative step meant that “KHE Specter” was the lightest park bike on the market.

During the same year KHEbikes achieved another important and innovative goal. It introduced Bruce Crisman´s signature “KHE Astern Freecoaster Hub”. It was the first hub with external adjustable gab/slack. It allows the gap to be changed instantly (with an allen key into the axle) without removing the hub from the frame.

In addition to this, KHEbikes introduced another new and innovative item. It was called “KHE Anchor Bar”, street bar, which is unique because it is a Bar-Stem Combo, which means that CrMo bar and stem are directly welded together.



KHEbikes company was very happy that Daniel Dhers joined the team. Daniel Dhers is the X-games gold medalist in BMX Freestyle Park competition and he also got his own signature bike line called “KHEbikes Maceto”.

KHEbikes also introduced Adam Kun´s signature line for flatland called “KHE A-Damn”.

Another big achievement was the introduction of the first fluted CrMo crank arms under the name “KHE Erlkonig Crank”. It is the first crank ever to feature fluted CrMo crank arms. Function and strength have been tested extensively in labs and by our riders. With improved squared shape, our exclusive crank arms are very stiff, solid, light and innovative.



In year 2011, KHEbikes started to sell its bikes under different division. It divided its bikes into two groups, KHE Root Series and Signature Series.The Root Series are aimed for beginners and involve KHE Root 540, 360 and 180. Signature Series are aimed for professional riders. This involves Bruce Crisman´s KHE Schola (street), Daniel Dhers´ KHE Maceto (park), James Foster´s KHE Triple Threat (dirt) and Adam Kun´s KHE A-Damn (flatland).

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