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Kevin Nikulski


Name: Kevin Nikulski

Date of Birth: 31.03.1994

Hometown: Dortmund

Height: 167

Shoe Size: 41

Job: Flatland pro rider/ Anlagenmechaniker

Sponsors: Lemonaid+; Kunstform; Zyclop; KHE Bikes

Started riding: when i was 14 years old

Injuries: broken Kneecap; broken Fingers; broken Tailbone

Riders: Mike S.!

Tricks: really hard and long combos

BMX Videos: I love good editing ...

Spots to ride: Dortmund city ( RWE Tower ) and Cologne ( LVR )

KHE products: Geisha freecoaster

Food: many unhealthy things

Places: DORTMUND!!!

People: my friends who support me always and everywhere

Books: I hate to read

Movies: Transformers; Batman The Dark Night

Things to do beside BMX: hard partying with my friends

Words of Wisdom: go on, before you realize it's something broken! :D



Frame: KHEbikes A-DAMN Pro Fame

Fork: KHEbikes Addict

Bar: KHEbikes A-Blast

Grips: KHEbikes Shola

Stem: Colony Standart

Headset: eclat

Cranks: KHEbikes Erlkönig

Pedals: Odyssey Twisted

Chain: KHE Tanga

Sprocket: KHEbikes Rotor

Front Hub: Odyssey Vandero 2

Rear Hub: KHEbikes Greyhound flat

Front Rim: KHEbikes BigO black

Rear Rim: KHEbikes BigO black

Seat: ST Martin Alex J. signature Seat

Seat Post: Twenty

Tires: KHEbikes Mac 1 black

Pegs: ST Martin

no Extras

Weight: 8,3 kg


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