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NEW Greyhound Line

KHEbikes is proud to present its new GREYHOUND freecoaster hub line.

Using all our experience and feedback from many riders, we decided to review our freecoaster line. Keeping it safe and simple, we mixed parts in which we can trust in order to offer you the best freecoasters possible.

The new hubs line has been built around a careful selection of parts that has been optimised for years. With a Geisha Light hub body, REVERSE driver and ACB bearings, we combined the best of our freecoaster history and added 2 female axle options.

In the works for more than 18 months, different axle configurations have been tested by pro riders worldwide. Some of them are still running their prototypes, some other un-named riders asked their own sponsor to make a freecoaster for themselves… That’s the game :)

The 3 GREYHOUND hubs share the same construction; only the axles are different and can be upgraded if needed:

- 110mm alloy female axle – the lightest freecoaster available - flatland specific – weight: 508g (including bolts)

- 118mm crmo female axle– the hub axle sits in the dropout in order to offer more support - for light street use– weight: 574g (including bolts)

- Normal 14mm crmo axle – with adjustable gap axle - for heavy peg use – weight: 626g (including nuts)



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