Allen Schofield


Full Name: Alan schofield 

Date of Birth: 08/09/85 

Hometown:  Royton/manchester 

Height: 5ft 8" 

Weight: 11st 

Shoe Size:

Job: dental technician 

Sponsors: khe , Stalefish , freerideproject , lennysbikeshop shop Started riding:2002 Bike weight:  21lb 

Injuries:  broken nose 10x plus , cheek bone ,broken ribs, collar bone ,  right tib  ,  every bone in left foot , both thumbs , KO to many times

Riders: Dennis Ennerson,Dave Mirra , Chris fox , hucker ,  Brian foster,  Dennis McCoy , Tom justice 

Tricks: 360 whips , flip whips ,720. , supermans Spots to ride: gypos trails , Rampworx , monkeybumps trails , Woodward BMX Videos: role models, mad Matt , any props KHE products: khe triple treat frame, affix gyro , mac tyres

Food: Sunday roast , pizza 

Places: Woodward , newyork Newquay , Ibiza , any BMX spot 

People: Mirra, Hoffman ,bestwick , McCoy , nyquist, nasty, Brian foster anyone positive 

Bands: dance/trance/Dnb 

Books: Matt Hoffman auto biography 

Movies: hot rod , step brothers , dumb and dumber 

Website: vital BMX / ride BMX Freeride project 

5 things you cannot live without: BMX , my car, music/iPod  , snowboard , friends . 

Things to do beside bmx: Run, gym, snowboard, work on classic car. 

Inspiration: from everywhere .friends,seeing people at there peak , having fun, music ! 

Words of Wisdom: don't take life  to serious , enjoy everything you can , laughter with friends, be yourself ! Don't put to much pressure on yourself , if you enjoy what you do , you will progress/improve