Bram Verhallen


Full Name: Bram Verhallen
Date of Birth: 15-12-1987
Hometown: Eindhoven
Town of origin: Eindhoven
Height: 0.0017 km
Weight: 0.0699 tons
Shoe Size: 43
Job: BMX
Sponsors: KHE, Chico Clothing
Started riding: December 2001
Injuries: Tailbone broken twice, few ribs broken, middle finger broken, bruised about everything.
Riders: Martti Kuoppa, Jesse Puente, Sytse Winkel, Chase Gouin, Garrett Reynolds
Tricks: Piazza centre Eindhoven and the city house square in Eindhoven
Spots to ride: Banger tricks, Whiplash combinations and kickflips
Bmx Videos: MK moments, Simon O Brien solo video
KHE products: All that I designed myself :)
Food: BBQ
Places: Africa
People: My friends!
Bands: Eminem at the moment, The Prodigy too!
Books: Schoolbooks hehe
Movies: Snatch, Lock stock, Porn
Website: &  
5 things you cannot live without: Water, food, air, gravity, my bike
Things to do beside bmx: Designing technical stuff
Inspiration: The world
Words of Wisdom: Love is evol spell it backwards I show you *Eminem