Kurtis Downs


Full Name: Kurtis Downs 

Date of Birth: 3/25/92

Hometown:  Firth ID 

Height:  5,3

Weight:  130

Shoe Size: 6.5

Job: Nitro circus athlete 

Sponsors: KHE 

Started riding: 2010

Bike weight: 20.00

Injuries: broken collar bone and right leg

Spots to ride: Wasatch bike park, backyard ramps, Oakley skatepark, any set of trails I can find. 

BMX Videos: mainly YouTube edits is what I watch. But I don't watch to many. 

KHE products: Affix rotor, Arsenic fork and bar, KHE rims, Erlkoening cranks, KHE tires, KHE sprocket, KHE bottom bracket KHE seat

Food:  chipotle, pastas, and hamburgers.

Places: Japan, South Africa, New Zealand 

Bands: Bliss n Eso, Rise Against, Classified 

Books: Catching The Sky 

Movies: out old, Billy Maddison, 

Website: Love the local classifieds!

Things to do beside bmx:  Ridding Moto, shooting bows, camping,  

Words of Wisdom: Always keep dreaming.. And never quit chasing. 


Thanks Kurtis.