Ricky Veronick


Full Name: Ricky Veronick 

Date of Birth: 01/02/1995

Hometown: Moreno Valley, California

Height: 5'10

Weight: 165

Shoe Size: 9.5

Job: Lost Boy at Camp Woodward 

Sponsors: Khe bikes, Bluesix bikes, Camp Woodward

Started riding: I've been riding for 5 years 

Bike weight: 14 pounds

Injuries: broken wrist, broken leg 

Riders: Rob Armour, Maddog, Jay Dalton 

Tricks: I like cash rolls and bike flips 

Spots to ride: Camp Woodward, The Kitchen, Ray's mtb 

BMX Videos: Old Woodward videos! 

KHE products: the Mac folding tires and the affix gyro are my favorite parts on my bike!

Food: Sweets and meats 

Places: Woodward pa, Florida, California, Maui 

People: my friends at Woodward, Zach, Jay, Tommy, and Jamie, my family and Brad Maple back in Cali.

Bands: Clams Casino, Tame Impala, Death Cab for Cutie

Books: the bible!

Movies: star trek, speed racer

Website: YouTube

5 things you cannot live without: My bike, my phone, the internet, sugar, and foam pits.

Things to do beside bmx: I like to drive, travel, explore, and have as much fun as I can wherever I happen to be. 

Inspiration: Daniel Dhers was my original riding inspiration and inspired me to want to live at Woodward.

Words of Wisdom: Live your dream, love your bike!