Bastian Gross

Full Name: Bastian Groß
Date of Birth: 11.05.1983
Hometown: Mannheim
Town of origin: Haßloch
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Shoe Size: 45
Job: Student, Owner of TNT-BMX
Sponsors: Khebikes, Cope Safety Gear, Fourseasons Skateshop
Started riding: Ca. 2001
Injuries: 2 times broken nose, 2 times broken ankle, 2 broken rips, 3 times broken wrist, shattered scaphiod bone, shoulder capsule blasting, broken teeth, many sinews torn apart …
Riders: Mat Hoffman, Van Homan, Mike Escamilla and many more
Tricks: Lookdown, Cannonball, Decade
Spots to ride: Mannheim Neckarpromenade, Ludwigshafen-Banks, Skatepark Trier
Bmx Videos: Nowhere Fast, Criminal Mischief, Sentenced to Life, S&M 5
KHE products: The new Anchor bar/stemp combo, Anti-Flat tire
Food: Potatos and vegatables roasted in a pan with a spicy sauce
Places: Every nice beach,  the Gardasee
People: Cops and tax officers
Bands: Guns n Roses, Beginner, Samy Deluxe
Books: Knights of dark renown, Mat Hofman´s BMX book
Movies: Everything with Adam Sandler
5 things you cannot live without: My dog, my cat, my hads, music, my heart
Things to do beside bmx: Play with my dog and cat, hang out with friends, study,
Inspiration: My best friend Matthias Hörner, we miss you!
Words of Wisdom: Thanks to my family, to my lovely girlfriend Désirée, to all my friends, to everybody who rides with me, Thanks to everybody at Khe for the support! Matze forever

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