Our team is getting bigger: The BMX Race brothers Lucas & Hannes Michelberger from Eberdingen.
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You'll find all promotional clips for our KHEbikes BMX completes on our YouTube channel.
Scotty Cranmer was back home in New Jersey for the first time in 3 months and he was stopping by his local bike shop to check Brooklyn's very rare, very light and very expensive titanium BMX bike built up.
The KHE SILENCER LT 20 inch is equipped with top parts, weighs with rotor only 9.9kg which is extremely light for a BMX bike!
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New YouTube video of Ryan Williams building the lightest BMX bike he ever had with KHEbikes MAC tires.
Our flatland team rider Markus Reich filmed a new edit for YouTube with the help of Steffen Peter.
We want to introduce you the KHE MAD MAX BMX Komplettrad. Fat tires, wide rims, Affix rotor, 14mm rear axle. All you need for a ...
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The anniversary edition of our KHE Catweazle with a timeless frame design is equipped with modern technical systems and the best BMX parts.

KHEbikes team riders at Nitro Circus

Our KHEbikes team riders Kurtis Downs and Brandon Schmidt are part of the legendary Nitro Circus shows.
30 years KHE BMX history! Freedombmx wrote a whole page about our anniversary.
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We proudly present our new KHEbikes MVP BMX stem. Now the new KHE bmx stem is available in the trend color oilslick.
We proudly present our new KHEbikes chains. Now the new KHE bmx chains are available in blue, yellow, red, gold, orange, purple, green, black & silver.

Video: 30 years KHE

30 years KHE BMX History! The video filmed by freedombmx will give you a view behind the scenes by KHEbikes.
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We proudly present our new KHEbikes headsets. The bmx headsets are now available in oilslick and black.
We proudly present our new KHEbikes U-brakes. The spring hammer models are now available in oilslick and black.

KHEbikes MVP 9" 4pc BMX Handlebar

NEW: The KHE MVP 9" 4pc BMX handlebar has arrived! The lightweight, 4-pc BMX bar by KHE is now available through our KHEbikes webshop!


KHEbikes supports the 360 GRAD JAM in LOHHOF
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Welcome to KHEbikes Leon Binckebanck

We proudly announce that we have a new team rider! Welcome to the KHEbikes Team Leon Binckebanck! Leon is a BMX rider from Berlin, Germany.
We proudly present the new KHEbikes 2ND Pro Pegs (with Nylon Sleeve) & KHEbikes CNC Pro Pegs.
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Brennpunkt BMX jam Leverkusen

KHEbikes supported the Brennpunkt BMX & Skate jam in Leverkusen
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Chris Böhm bike photo shooting

Chris Böhm did an exclusive photo shoot with his KHE Signature Bike. All pictures can be found here on our blog!
Today we present to you the new KHEbikes BMX completes with new colors and designs.
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Take a closer look on the new KHEbikes MAC2+ Park/Street BMX tire and the KHE x AFFIX tire in grey.
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30th Anniversary KHEbikes

We celebrate 30 years of KHEbikes! Since 1988 we work with pure passion. KHEbikes is the most traditional BMX brand in Germany.
Introducing the new KHEbikes MVP crank set in Oil Slick. Now you can equip your bike with other parts in the trend color Oil Slick.
We proudly introduce you our new KHEbikes hubset and our Greyhound freecoaster with an adjustible gap.

NEW: KHE MAC2+ Proof tan wall tire

We just release the new KHE MAC2+ Proof tire in tan wall design.
We proudly announce that we have a new team rider! Welcome to the KHEbikes Team Elizaveta Posadskikh! Elizaveta ist a female BMX rider from Krasnodar, russia.

KHE Arsenic 9" BMX bar

NEW: The KHE Arsenic 9" BMX bar has arrived! The lightweight, 2-pc BMX bar by KHE is now available through our KHEbikes webshop!

NEW! KHE Dirty Harry BMX Bike

NEW! The KHE Dirty Harry BMX Bike - You'll find all the informations about our KHE Dirty Harry BMX bike on our blog.

KHEbikes online catalogue

We proudly present our new KHE online catalogue! Here you'll find our current bikeline.
The famous award 'Best Product 2017' awarded by the Plus X Award goes to the Chris Böhm Bike!

The new KHE x AFFIX BMX Tires

Our new KHE x AFFIX tires have arrived! Learn more about the new BMX Tires in our blog entry.

New KHEbikes have arrived!

Ready to go! Discover now all the new KHE BMX bicycles. All the new KHEbikes can be ordered at our webshop.

KHE easter special facebook

Don't miss your chance to win a pair of KHE X DAN LACEY BMX tires. Join now!

Christmas Special

Christmas Special!! 25% on two tires!!
Make your bike up to one Kilo lighter!
Go to the tire section & then to "Christmas Special".
Here you can find many tire offers...enjoy & wish you a great Christmas time!


KHE has a cooperation with the nearly most famous BMX rider in Germany - Chris Böhm!

KHE STRIKEDOWN PRO just 10,58kg / 21,12lb!

We like to top our Strikedown Model to the lightest Park bike you can buy as a regular Model. The final weight comes down to 9,58kg / 21,12lb!


KHE ERLKÖNIG V3 with 48T hollow axle, fluted arms & MID BB. Just direct from for 89€
Ricky Veronick 1st place in Ohio!!
Brandon's first Triple Backflip!!
Check out the video
New team rider Kurtis Downs!

Light Bike

World lightest bike! Ricky Veronick put in countless hours to bring his dream bike to life and the final result is this fully-custom titanium beast.


Das neue Silencer Bike ist optimal für Street & Park geeignet.


Das erste Bike aus unserer 2016er KHE Linie ist jetzt lieferbar.