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This video of Andy Buckworth's banger clips reached about 2.5 million people on Facebook. Watch it now!

KHEbikes easter-workout

Absolute madness! Many thanks to our dear customers. We hope you had a wonderful Easter and can now get started with your new KHEbikes BMX.
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The second edition of the KHEbikes X freedombmx best trick contest is over! Watch all the incredible submissions in the new video!
KHEbikes is inviting you to the BLACK BIKE WEEKEND - Save until 2020-11-29 with our discount code
We uploaded a new KHEbikes BMX workshop clip on YouTube - Watch how the Chris Böhm BMX Complete is building up in a time lapse.

New ACME tires clip on YouTube

You'll find a new stunning clip of our KHEbikes ACME tires on our YouTube channel!
Tags: bmx, bmx tires, acme
The new KHEbikes Bike Stand is available now! Check all the details here on our KHEbikes blog.
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Bike News: KHE Silencer FC

Proudly we present you the new KHE SILENCER FC BMX complete with 4pc bar and freecoaster hub.
Today we got some nice pics from the legendary Wicked Woods BMX Jam for you! This jam was supported by KHEbikes.
We proudly present our new KHEbikes pivotal seat and seat posts. We offer two different length versions: 200mm and 360mm.

X-MAS Discount Special

Only 6 days until Christmas! Now you can really save money again. Get the voucher code and save 5% on your next order (valid until 31.12.2019)
We proudly present our new 18" BMX completes: KHE ARSENIC 18“ CS & SE.

KHEbikes work shop coming soon

We're busy setting up a new studio for the new KHEbikes BMX work shop tutorials.
Liza was invited to the famous Vans Pro Cup in California. She really enjoyed the time in the US and shares some impressions of the BMX trip with this little recap clip.
The KHE SILENCER LT 20 inch is equipped with top parts, weighs with rotor only 9.9kg which is extremely light for a BMX bike!
Tags: bmx, bmx rad, khebikes
From now you can buy the new Kenda BMX tires in 8 powerful color styles.
Father Uwe and his son are proud KHE BMX bike owners. Now both are riding BMX together.
Tags: bmx, bmx kids
Our team is getting bigger: The BMX Race brothers Lucas & Hannes Michelberger from Eberdingen.
Tags: bmx, bmx race
You'll find all promotional clips for our KHEbikes BMX completes on our YouTube channel.
Scotty Cranmer was back home in New Jersey for the first time in 3 months and he was stopping by his local bike shop to check Brooklyn's very rare, very light and very expensive titanium BMX bike built up.
The KHE SILENCER LT 20 inch is equipped with top parts, weighs with rotor only 9.9kg which is extremely light for a BMX bike!
Tags: bmx, bmx rad, khebikes
New YouTube video of Ryan Williams building the lightest BMX bike he ever had with KHEbikes MAC tires.
We want to introduce you the KHE MAD MAX BMX Komplettrad. Fat tires, wide rims, Affix rotor, 14mm rear axle. All you need for a ...
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KHEbikes supports the 360 GRAD JAM in LOHHOF
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Brennpunkt BMX jam Leverkusen

KHEbikes supported the Brennpunkt BMX & Skate jam in Leverkusen
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Chris Böhm bike photo shooting

Chris Böhm did an exclusive photo shoot with his KHE Signature Bike. All pictures can be found here on our blog!
Today we present to you the new KHEbikes BMX completes with new colors and designs.
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KHEbikes online catalogue

We proudly present our new KHE online catalogue! Here you'll find our current bikeline.