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HEADSET NEWS - The new KHEbikes headsets in oilslick and black

The new KHEbikes headsets in oilslick and black



→ Easy movable KHE headset which is precision beared and enhances every BMX visually.

This KHE headset includes amongst other things high-quality precision bearings and three spacers. Furthermore it has a KHE laser logo.


  • KHEbikes headset
  • Colour: oilslick
  • Weight: only 82g!
  • Precision bearings
  • Washer: 1x 2mm, 1x 3mm & 1x 5mm
  • Top Cup: 13mm with KHE laser Logo

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→ High-quality KHE headset with washers made of real carbon, that is with only 78g very lightweight.

This headset is, thanks to the precision bearings, very easy to move and looks furthermore very noble, because he has Carbon washers.


  • KHEbikes headset
  • Colour: black with carbon washers
  • Weight: only 78g!
  • Precision bearings
  • 2 Washers made of real carbon, one with KHE logo, both 5mm high
  • Top Cup: 13mm high with KHE Laser Logo

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