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KHEbikes Peg News - NEW: KHE 2ND Pro Pegs (with Nylon Sleeve) & KHE CNC Pro Pegs

KHEbikes Peg News - NEU: KHE 2ND Pro Pegs (mit Nylon Sleeve) & KHE CNC Pro Pegs

Ab sofort könnt ihr die neuen KHEbikes 2ND Pro Pegs (mit Nylon Sleeve) & KHEbikes CNC Pro Pegs erwerben. 

Details zu unseren neuen Pegs:

→ 2 KHE 2ND Pro Pegs with changeable shells for long riding fun, fitting for 10 & 14mm axles!

These very lightweight pegs offer a huge advantage: They have a changeable nylon-glass fiber shell, which can be buyed separately! If the actual shell is worn, it can simply be replaced with a new one. Because of that saving of costs is possible. The CrMo-core offers stability anyways and has not to be replaced.

The delivery contains adapter which make the pegs fitting for 10mm and 14mm axles.


  • 2 Pegs!
  • Colour: black
  • Material: CrMo core and nylon-glass fiber shell
  • Changeable shell
  • Fitting for 10 &14mm axles
  • Dimensions: 110mm long, diameter: Ø38mm
  • Weight: 350g

  KHE_plastic_pegs_changeable_1Vof5z8zkO5dRW KHE_plastic_pegs_changeable_2P1nDmWi0i2b7t KHE_plastic_pegs_changeable_32rBAjoyMPCDYQ

 → Very stable KHE pegs, fitting for 10 und 14mm axles.


  • Colour: black
  • fitting for 10 and 14mm axles (Adapter)
  • Weight: 492g
  • HiTen Steel
  • Dimensions: 110m long, diameter: Ø37mm

KHE_steel_pegs_3UZw6YSJTXaNsz KHE_steel_pegs_2NjCEMGiv4nszm KHE_steel_pegs_18WEeHQNhAxwuR


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