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NEW! KHE Dirty Harry BMX Bike

The new KHE Dirty Harry BMX bike has arrived!

True fans will know that 'Dirty Harry' has played a role at KHE for some time. This time, the bearded woodcutter appears in the form of a BMX bike. The KHE Dirty Harry BMX Bike is a perfect allround bike for beginners. You can get the black beauty with a weight of just 11,4 Kg (!), a strong u-brake and the innovative AFFIX Rotor System already for just  249,- Euro!

All specs: 

  • Frame: HiTen steel, top tube length: 495mm (19,5"), HT 75 , RC347mm
  • Fork: out of very stable HiTen steel
  • Handlebar: 2pc, 8" height and 660mm width
  • Stem: Front Loader Style (Handlebar is clamped from the front)
  • Headset: 1 1/8"
  • Rotor: patented AFFIX Pro Rotor System
  • Brakes: POWER U-Brake at the front and FLYbikes U-Brake at the back
  • Brakelever: for U-Brake
  • Grips: Propalm Mushroom Style
  • Crank: forged 1pc crank 165mm
  • Bearing: American loose ball
  • Chain: KMC, high quality
  • Frontwheel: KHE BIG400 rim, 10mm (3/8") axle, 36 H Prism hub
  • Backwheel: KHE BIG400 rim, 16 t sprocket, 14mm axle, 36 H Prism hub
  • Saddle: padded and adjustable
  • Saddle clamp: integrated
  • Tires: Fat KHE x AFFIX 2.40" tires
  • Colour: Midnight black
  • Weight: Only 11.4kg

You'll get all further informations on the product page

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