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New KHEbikes have arrived!

Ready to go! Discover now all new KHE BMX bicycles.

Just in time for the start of the season, we provide you with the best and of course the lightest BMX bicycles available on the market. As always you can rely on our years of experience. Quality and technology is our priority. From beginner to professional bike: KHEbikes offers you the best bike for your requirements. There is also something for the little ones to discover: for example, the 16" KHE Arsenic is perfect for beginners and can be ridden with a body size of 110 cm from the age of 5. A real highlight is the new KHE Silencer BL with a weight of only 9.8 Kg (!). Equipped with the popular KHE Dan Lacey tire and a multi butted BMX handlebar. Of course, the most bikes have got the high end affix rotor system, which is unbeaten with its clean construction so far.

All bikes are ready to order at our webshop. For a better overview you'll find some pics of all the new bikes below:

KHE Bikes overview:

KHE Arsenic 16" ⇩

KHE Arsenic 18" ⇩

KHE Barcode black ⇩

KHE Barcode red ⇩

KHE Beater white ⇩

KHE Beater black ⇩

KHE Centrix blue ⇩

KHE Centrix black ⇩

KHE Chris Böhm black ⇩

KHE Chris Böhm green ⇩

KHE Chris Böhm 18" ⇩

KHE Cope

KHE Dirt Light Alu ⇩

KHE Silencer ⇩

KHE Strikedown ⇩

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