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Leon Binckebanck

We proudly announce that we have a new team rider! Welcome to the KHEbikes Team Leon Binckebanck! Leon is a BMX rider from Berlin, Germany. 


Interview with Leon Binckebanck

1) How long have you been riding and what brought you into BMX?

I started ridign BMX in 2008.


2) You're from Berlin. How does the BMX scene look in Berlin today? Are there a lot riders?

I think BMX isn't as popular as it was a while back in germany. (scooter riding dominates -.-)


3) Whats your favorite BMX park oder spot?

For me the best outdoor park is definitly the Mellowpark in Berlin. Indoor: 040 BMX park Netherlands.


4) What are your favorite top 3 BMX tricks?

Frontflip, decade and handplants.


5) Which riders from the scene are important to you and are there riders who inspires you in particular?

Tobias Wicke and Björn Mager (Bommel). Until today both are my childhood heros, but I enjoy riding a good session with my friends.


8) Besides the BMX riding you like to tinker on your cars. What type of car you're driving at the moment?

Hahaha... Yes I really like to tinker on my cars. Right now I'm driving a TTRS plus, because my Audi S5 project has come to an end.


9) In past, you've been around well. Which were the biggest events you have been participating?

Pannonian Challenge / Fise Croatia / Bmx Masters.


10) Are there any Jams, Competitions or other BMX events on your schedule?

Currently not.


11) Which is the social media platform you're using mostly? Facebook, Instagram, YouTube?

Clearly Instagram :-)


12) Who supports you at the moment? Are there any other sponsors?

Rockstar Energy, Reell-Jean, Lucamo Sunglasses, Lowmantic-Performance (car tuning company /MTM-Berlin)


13) Thank you very much for your time! Are there any last words you want shout out to the people?

I just wanna say: Have fun while riding your BMX and enjoy the time with your friends.... Peace Out! 


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