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Back in the days, we produced a shirt with the print "Kinky Huge Elephant" on it because everybody asked us about the meaning of "KHE".

But the truth is, KHE is just a short cut of our home town Karlsruhe. Karlsruhe (KHE) is a city with 300.000 inhabitants and a lot of history: In 1817 the first bicycle was invented from "Freiherr von Drais" and it was called the "Draisine". The first car was built in Karlsruhe, too. It was in the year 1886 and Carl Benz (from Daimler-Benz) manufactured the first automobile.

Since almost twenty years now, we are producing BMX parts and complete bikes. We put all our effort in the design and technology of our products to enhance the possibilities for the riders.

Check out what happend in this years.
1989 - 1993


KHE was founded by Thomas Goering, a passionate freestyler from Karlsruhe and his older brother Wolfgang Goering. The first offered product was a peg (Do-Peg), made with a small drilling machine (Value: ca. 350 Euro).


We invented the Grinddisc in cooperation with Albert Retey. It abolished the bashguard frames.


The next invention was the first bmx clamp fork without welding. After that came the first two bolt seatclamp and the 10mm and 14mm freecoaster with sealed bearing hub following.


KHE released the first catalogue. The highlights: Fuss-Pegs, freecoaster hub and fork.


Albert Retey designed our first frame, and it was called the "Catweasle". Jason Davies designed the "Beater".


Armin Batoumeni, Mike Canning, Phil Dolan, Chase Gouin (co sponsored), Albert Retey, Christian Wendland
1996 - 2000


The "Premium Lagger" (by Jesse Puente) brought a whole new generation of flatland frames into the scene. The geometry designed especially for flatland riders purposes was the blueprint for many other frames. "Beater" street/ramp frame designed by Jason Davies.
KHE Fitness video was released.


KHE created the "Dirty Buster", a signature bike for the German erotic star "Dolly Buster".


We came out with many new lightweight parts like the "Easy Rider" frame, alloy flat fork and the alloy Phil Dolan bar. The biggest move in our 16 year long history was for sure the new "System Diatech" rotor. KHE and Dia Compe/Diatech developed this revolutionary new rotor system in the last four years which offers possibilities for new ideas and designs. Today, the internal system is made by VP components, one of the biggest headset makers, and Jagwire, the producer of the cables and the rotor. For 2002 frames we designed special new top and down tubes. These new CrMo CONE tubes make our bikes lighter and much stronger on the front of the bike, where it is needed.
2001 - 2005


We designed special top and down tubes for our new frames. These CrMo CONE tubes made the bikes lighter and much stronger in the front.


We have been working on a lot new parts like cranks, alloy stem/bar combo, seatclamp, pedals, flat pegs, seatpost and new frames like the "Goldfinger" flatland frame.
The complete bike line changed a lot:
After a really long time period we cancelled our "Beater" and "Dirty Harry" bikes and filled up the vacant space with our new high-end Street bike "Mad Max". For the old "Cosmic" came the new "Derrick" entry level Street model, equipped with a Grindguard CD.
The Easy Rider was more a high end image flat bike especially made for our team riders. But we did not expect the Easy Rider being a big seller like in 2002, for this reason we topped the 2002 model and made many new own KHE parts we also sell separately in our new part line.


We built up a worldwide team. In the US, we sponsored riders like Shaun Butler, Cory Walters and Jesse Puente.


We introduced the new high-end part and bike line, focused on technique, strength and low weight.
Our Pro bike models called BUTLER Pro, MIDGET Pro and "Equilibrium" (Jesse Puente's signature Pro model) were equipped with the new "F-SET Pro" rotor system.
We introduced the world´s first 20” folding tire, the “KHE MAC tire” which is also the lightest BMX tire on the market.
2006 - 2008


We presented our new freecoaster, called the ”Geisha”.
We introduced the lightest flatland complete bike (with a weight under 10kg / 22lbs) and the first entrance level flatland bike (“Stylus”) on the market with a freecoaster hub.


KHE created many new products for example the “SwissMiss” bar, the dirt folding tire, the unbelievable light weight “paris” flatland frame. We introduced the first 14mm Street freecoaster. It startet with the Geisha Street and proceeded with the Bruce Chrisman signature “Reverse” freecoaster with a solid axle.


KHE starts the year with a lot of new lightweight parts, for example the plastic-glass fibre “Alchemy” pegs, the “Cirrus” bar or the “Cirrus” fork. Over the years, KHE gained a good reputation in the scene. For example, BMX companies like Mirraco (tires on high-end complete bikes), FIT (freecoaster on high-end complete bikes) or federal (freecoaster) use KHE parts and technology for their products. For 2008 we are proud to present a new brand for saftey gear, called COPE.

Team Rider

Chris Böhm, Jesse Puente, Justin Miller, Daniel Fuhrmann, Bram Verhallen, Waldemar Fatkin, Sven Steinbach, Wolfgang Sauter, Matthias Dandois, Alex Jumelin, James Foster, Markus Wilke
2009 - 2011


KHE bikes introduced the lightest complete park bike called “KHE Specter PRO” with an incredible weight of only 8.35 kg (without pegs). This innovative step meant that “KHE Specter” was the lightest park bike on the market. During the same year KHEbikes achieved another important and innovative goal. It introduced Bruce Crisman´s signature “KHE Astern Freecoaster Hub”. It was the first hub with external adjustable gab/slack. It allows the gap to be changed instantly (with an allen key into the axle) without removing the hub from the frame. In addition to this, KHEbikes introduced another new and innovative item. It was called “KHE Anchor Bar”, street bar, which is unique because it is a Bar-Stem Combo, which means that CrMo bar and stem are directly welded together.


KHEbikes company was very happy that Daniel Dhers joined the team. Daniel Dhers is the X-games gold medalist in BMX Freestyle Park competition and he also got his own signature bike line called “KHEbikes Maceto”. KHEbikes also introduced Adam Kun´s signature line for flatland called “KHE A-Damn”. Another big achievement was the introduction of the first fluted CrMo crank arms under the name “KHE Erlkonig Crank”. It is the first crank ever to feature fluted CrMo crank arms. Function and strength have been tested extensively in labs and by our riders. With improved squared shape, our exclusive crank arms are very stiff, solid, light and innovative.


In year 2011, KHEbikes started to sell its bikes under different division. It divided its bikes into two groups, KHE Root Series and Signature Series.The Root Series are aimed for beginners and involve KHE Root 540, 360 and 180. Signature Series are aimed for professional riders. This involves Bruce Crisman´s KHE Schola (street), Daniel Dhers´ KHE Maceto (park), James Foster´s KHE Triple Threat (dirt) and Adam Kun´s KHE A-Damn (flatland).