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Sven Steinbach


Full Name: Sven Steinbach            

Date of Birth: 26.12.83

Hometown: Karlsruhe

Town of origin: Karlsruhe

Height: at least 1.5m

Weight: like a feather

Shoe Size: 9 us

Job: mechanical engineering student

Sponsors: KHE bikes

Started riding: in a galaxy far far away

Injuries: none, I´m very lucky

Riders: Albert Retey

Tricks: backwheel and frontwheel, spinning and rolling

Spots to ride: Landratsamt


Bmx Videos: inTRIKat, yellow fever


KHE products: Geisha freecoaster

Food: healthy

Places: Karlsruhe, because many friends are there

People: everybody who is not arrogant

Bands: the mystery of chess boxing

Books: Technische Mechanik

Movies: the big lebowski was pretty funny


Things you cannot live without: I guess food and water

Things to do beside bmx: friends, study, jokes

Inspiration: harald lesch

Words of Wisdom : be water my friend