Adam Kun


Full Name: Adam Kun

Date of Birth: 15.12.1985

Hometown: Nyíregyház

Town of origin: Sátoraljaújhely

Height: around 180 cm

Weight: no idea

Shoe Size: eur 43

Job: pro flatland rider

Sponsors: Monster Energy Drink, Khe bikes, Kicker, Fundango, Velvart, Nike

Started riding: when i was 11 years old

Injuries:  broken hand, broken ankle, bad right shoulder, split muscle

Riders: Steven Segal or Sylvester Stallone

Tricks: original tricks, hardcore tricks!

Spots to ride: anywhere on good asphalt !

Bmx Videos: 1 trick video with hardcore trick or beautiful editing!

KHE products: i love my signatures parts, wheels, stem, cranks, tires, everything!

Food: my mom’s and girlfriend’s dishes

Places: everywhere !

People: My Mom, my girl, my friends, my sis and brother !

Bands: too much…i love good, nice musics even if its rock, pop etc!

Books: Nothing special

Movies: The Prestige, Back to the Future, Star Wars …etc


Things you cannot live without: food, water ahaha and of course my bike and wifi ...hahaha

Things to do beside bmx: chill, chill and more chill with friends and with my girl !

Inspiration: riding and enjoy my life as much as I can!

Words of Wisdom: use your head