Markus Reich


Full Name: Markus Reich
Date of Birth: 10.10.1981
Hometown: Neubrandenburg /Germany
Town of origin: Neubrandenburg
Height: 1,84m
Weight: 73kg
Shoe Size: 44 EU
Job: KHE Bikes
Sponsors: KHE Bikes
Started riding: 1994
Injuries: Some cuts and a broken arm.
Riders: Hans Jörg Rey
Tricks: Many slow Flatland-tricks
Spots to ride: a flat area
Bmx Videos: Have too much, but nothing special
KHE products: My bike and many parts
Food: Vegetarian
Places: Riding spots, lakes, nature
People: My friends and familie
Bands: Nothing special
Books: Nothing special
Movies: Nothing special
Website: Facebook
5 things you cannot live without: Bikes, sweet stuff (candies), women, family and money
Things to do beside bmx: MTB Downhill /Freeride, bike travelling, 20” trial, wake skate, Frisbee, women, friends and party
Inspiration: Mother nature
Words of Wisdom: «Geht nicht, gibt’s nicht!» (nothing is impossible)