Olga Farfutdinova

Mit Stolz verkünden wir unseren neuen Zuwachs im KHEbikes BMX Team: Willkommen im KHEbikes Team Olga Farfutdinova! Olga ist eine BMX-Fahrerin aus Tyumen, Russland. Wir haben ihr ein paar Fragen gestellt, damit ihr Olga ein bisschen kennenlernt.

Interview mit Olga

1) How long have you been riding and what got you into BMX?

I've always liked cycling, but I wanted something more. Once I saw guys who rode MTB, they did a bunny hop on the curb and I wanted to be able to do the same. I tried big bikes, but with my short stature it was tough, so I decided to try BMX. I bought my first BMX on my eighteenth birthday - October 23, 2015. From that day I started my rider career.

2) Where are you from and are there many BMX riders in your area?

I come from Tyumen - this is Siberia. We have cold winters, we have to spend without riding, as we have few skate parks and they are not of a high level. In this regard, there are fewer riders in our city.

3) What's your favourite BMX park or spot?

I have not been abroad, so I can only judge by Russian skateparks, but we also have cool places! Recently we have a huge skatepark in Kazan and this is the only place of this scale where you can prepare for world competitions. I also like the skatepark in Krasnodar, there is a cool atmosphere.

4) Name your favourite BMX tricks (top 3).

Tail whip, opposite barspin, no foot can can.

5) When where the first time you heard about KHEbikes and with what do you associate KHE?

Almost from the very beginning of riding, I heard about the KHEbikes brand and always dreamed of riding these tires that are associated with your brand. I couldn't even think that I would become a part of the team!

6) Which riders from the BMX scene are important to you and who inspires you?

I have been following Nikita Dukarroz for a long time and I like the style of her skating. Her level has grown a lot over the years. I am inspired by all the girls who ride, especially in Russia.

7) When and where was your first BMX contest? How old you where you then?

When and where was your first BMX contest? How old you where you then?

8) Last year in August 2020 you came third in the national championship in Russia, congratulations on that! Will you attack again in 2021?

I was very happy and surprised at the third place in the Russian championship. Of course I plan to participate this year and take the podium again!

9) Besides BMX riding, you travel a lot, also because of your passion to BMX. Which place did you like the most?

I repeat that I have not been outside Russia, but I love the south very much: Krasnodar, Sochi and other southern cities are my love. I love when it is warm and there is no snow in winter.

10) BMX riding is your passion and you surely riding a lot. Do you also work a job in addition to BMX riding?

I used to work to allow myself travel to other cities for competitions and training. Now I am supported by the Samara Cycling Federation, which allows me to devote all my free time to riding.

11) Do you have any plans for your next trip? Have you set any goals for future?

Now I am in Moscow and plan to fly to Krasnodar, where it is warm and there is no longer any snow. The next competition in Russia will be on April 30 in the city of Izhevsk, so you need to start preparing.

12) Did you ever have time to check out a few BMX parks in Germany?

I have a great desire to visit various countries, including Germany. I hope it happens someday!

13) You're really popular on social media. How much time do you spend on Instagram daily?

Instagram is my favorite social network. In it, I can really spend many hours a day, since this is where I communicate with all my friends.

14) Which sponsors currently support you?

In addition to your brand, I work with alienationbmx. But my main support comes from the Samara Cycling Federation.

15) Thanks a lot for sharing your time! Is there anything else you want to give the people on their way?

I really want to wish all the girls never to be afraid and not worry about their skating! We all started out the same way. The main thing is to have fun with BMX! Thank you for this interview! 

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